Painshill Park

Painshill Park

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wednesday morning pics

Morning, I have a relaxing week as Harry is on holiday with my daughter and son so no early mornings ( usually 2 a week) for me. Later today I am seeing a Sports Therapist for a back massage and on Friday I am having an Indian Head Massage.
I was hoping the weather we had on Sunday would last but no, it is quite a cold morning here but they have forecast it will warm up a little later with some sun. I got my camera out and played.
It is a Samsung WB150
Pear still life!

The camera has a setting called Magic Frame, which produced these two photographs above!!
Some ordinary photographs of the flowers in the garden
Tulips coming through amongst the pansies. 
Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend and she bought me this wonderful terracotta bowl of Spring flowers.

One of the many clumps of daffodils growing in the back garden. I must plant some in the Autumn in the front garden, there are only one or two there. Always a good sign of Spring!
These two are in the conservatory, both artificial!!
These are two photographs I published on Facebook the other day using the same programme on the camera and a rose I had in the house.
I used to have a good programme on my PC that converted photographs into watercolours etc,.. since having a new PC I cannot find it, but I do love to play with photographs.
I also love black and white and sepia pictures.
Hope you have some good weather for outdoor photographs, but taking them indoors can be just as much fun and playing with them and different programmes??
Have a good day, Jackie.x

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