Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday afternoon visit to RHS Wisley with Phil

Saturday morning had been lovely and sunny. I popped out to get a few bits, got lunch ready and then we decided to visit RHS Wisley.
Just after we entered the garden it started to pour with rain so we made our way to the conservatory cafĂ© for a cup of tea. They have recently changed it all and we weren't impressed!! :-(( 
Also we were over charged, luckily I had checked our receipt!!
We then walked to the Glasshouse although we weren't going to see the butterflies as there was a queue and we have seen them before.
What we did see rather than a butterfly was a robin, he didn't seem that bothered with all the people and noise!!

Thre was some lovely colour in the glasshouse with the birds of paradise and outside with the Snowdrops, Camellias and Hellaborus. See below:-


I loved this Acer tree completely bare but  beautiful!!

Tomorrow the weather forecast is quite good, we have Harry coming for a sleepover and staying the day with me on Monday.
So I will have to hope we can go out somewhere for fresh air and exercise without getting too cold and wet!!
Hope you are having a good weekend?
 Tomorrow I will post this on Mary's Dear Little Red House blog for Mosaic Monday.
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Ciao, Jackie.


ann said...

We have 6 inches of snow and more falling today. Not as bad as the east coast, but it is winter. We are supposed to have snow this time of year. The flowers are gorgeous, making me hungry for spring to arrive. Tomorrow is the Big Football game that all of the country will be tuned into. Our Denver team, the Denver Broncos are the favorites to win. I am nervous. We all are. So there's the week end. You will have a fun time with little Harry. Children are so cute and precious at that age and he is lucky to have a sweet grandma who adores him.

Pamela Gordon said...

Just look at all those gorgeous spring blooms! It must be so nice to visit a place like that in winter and see the birds, butterflies and flowers. Enjoy your time with Harry. Pamela xo

ju-north said...

Your flowers are so much further out than ours! Lovely collection. You will be in need of a good rest shortly!

eileeninmd said...

I love all the beautiful flowers. The Snowdrops have always been a favorite of mine. I wish you a happy and warm week ahead!

EG CameraGirl said...

A place with blooming flowers sounds a bit like Heaven to me today. How lovely. Have a wonderful time with Harry!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The flowers and the collage) are beautiful...but that tree is absolutely incredible. And I love a greenhouse!

Pondside said...

I'd love to have seen the camellias. Ours will be out in about a month and they'll last about that long again - I love them.

Lorrie said...

Birds of paradise are such exotic looking flowers, so intensely coloured. How lovely to see the camellias and snowdrops, too. Ours are blooming here (snowdrops, not camellias) and are such a welcome sight.

Regina said...

Wow delightful!

Happy new week.


Diana Taylor said...

What beautiful photos - I especially love the Bird of Paradise flowers - they are stunning. You are lucky having Wisley almost on your door step.

Veronica Roth said...

Hi Jackie, lucky to be in RHS Wisley this time of year. I love the glasshouses in winter. My usual is Kew. Actually always have my birthday day there, but it's in July. There's something somehow decadent about being in a beautiful, fragrant glasshouse in winter, isn't there? Hope your week is shaping up nicely; we've had torrential rain in OXON, but I'm in Vancouver just now; where it's sunny and bright. :)

LindyLou Mac said...

Sorry I have not commented much recently but as you know I was away for much of December and January. Anyway just had a lovely catch up, your posts always cheer me. By the way you have dropped off my FB list, sent you a new friend request as I realised you were missing. :(