Monday, 24 August 2015

After Lunch on Saturday visit to West Green House Gardens.

Phil had been gardening in the morning, weeding etc.. and I had been busy in the house so after lunch we went to West Green Gardens which isn't too far from us and we can get free admission showing out National Trust card.

It was quite busy there as there were two coaches parked up and an event going on in the Conservatory.

They have some plants and garden ephemera in the entrance

A Memorial to a Gardener

The Lake
 A bridge over the Lake, not open to the public 

 Look closely and you will see lovely red apples growing in the round. Certainly different to Fruit trees!!!

 A lovely apple harvest this year, very tempting to just pick and eat!!

Wonderful cheerful Sunflowers!! 


One of the Twenty Best Great British Gardens to visit!

‘The Times’ – Saturday 15th August 2015

Flowers in the garden

We still have some colour in the front and back garden, although the weather is changing and I think we will have an early Autumn this year.

The Hydrangeas, Agapanthus, Roses, Japanese Anemones, Fuchsia and Buddleia are looking good.

How is your garden? 

Will soon have to start thinking of planting the Spring bulbs!! 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Happy and sad August

My grandson Russell was 21 on August 1st, my 65th birthday was August 3rd and Keiley is 17 today!! It should be a happy month but sadly Russell and Keiley lost their other grandad, Pete, ( their mums dad),  just after my birthday so it has been a sad time. He was only 53, went far too early like Colin, who was only 49 years old, but that was 19 years ago, so Keiley never knew him.

We are having some good weather today and tomorrow but not sure it will last. It is getting towards the end of the school holidays and little Harry starts full time education in September. He is quite an outgoing little boy so I think and hope he will settle in well and make new friends.

We downloaded Windows 10 onto my PC, but I didn't like it very much, prefer Windows 7 so we removed 10 but there seems to be a problem with my photographs and the administrator. Hopefully Phil will have time over the weekend to try and find and solve the problem.

We still have two more breaks to look forward to, one in the UK and one in Barcelona, Spain. I am looking forward to visiting the 
 Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia  Click on the name to learn more

I have just started Physiotherapy for my back and leg problem. I am hoping I will be more mobile when we go to Spain.

I hope your Summer is going well?

Have a good weekend. Jackie