Tuesday, 9 December 2014

So much going on......

I had a lovely massage today on my neck, shoulders and back , wonderful!!!
I have booked a facial for next week, my Christmas treats!!
Phil has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, no medication yet, hopefully he will reduce his HbA1c with diet and exercise. I am busy reading books on diabetes and dishes that will help.
 Any ideas??
Finally got round to writing our Christmas cards today. Just need to go to the Post Office, buy stamps and post them. Don't think my sister in Australia will receive hers in time, maybe!!
I think I will wait until next week before doing some Christmas decorating, Harry is sleeping here on the 20th so would like to have it done by then. We won't be putting too much up, I am a bit of a minimalist.
Have the present to wrap up, Phil is very good with that!
It is getting colder here, with a frost most mornings. Not sure if we will have any snow before Christmas.
Hope you are all getting ready and excited about Christmas.


Sunday, 30 November 2014

Where has the time gone??

I cannot believe that it is December 1st tomorrow!!
I have bought most of the Christmas presents but mainly shopping online. This year "Black Friday" was a big thing here in the UK, never heard of it happening here before.
We have a hectic time up to and into the New Year.
Harry is a joy to us and it is lovely to hear him singing the Christmas songs so loud and clear. I think this year, now he is
3 ½  years old I think he will really enjoy Christmas!!
 Next September he will be starting school full time, so Jill has been looking at schools in her area. She has to choose 3 and will have to wait until May 2015 to see which one has a place for Harry.

My son was 41 years old last Friday doesn't seem that long ago that he was Harry's age!!

Sam and Holly

I hope you like the photograph of the poppies at the Tower of London, they have all been removed now and I am lucky to of received the one I ordered?
Some of them are going on a tour in the UK and then will be displayed at the Imperial war Museum.
 This is the lovely box that the poppy came packed in, with the metal stalk underneath. They can be put in the garden, but I am worried that the frost might damage it so I have it in a tall thin vase

They are all individual as all hand made and also they have been in the ground at the Tower of London for up to three months.
It is lovely to own a piece of beauty and history and knowing the profits are going to Military charities.
We have had some fairly mild days recently, yesterday was lovely but it does get cold by 4pm and this morning it is cold and foggy, hoping it might warm up slightly so I can cut down the sedum in the front garden.
We have a weeks holiday booked in Malta in February, which we are both looking forward to. Weather won't be marvellous but then it can get too hot out there.
It is 7c here today and 21c in Malta!!
Hope you are all having a good weekend, keeping warm and comfortable?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Back from blog break

Life has been busy with lots going on. Harry went off to Mauritius for two weeks with his mum, he is due back tomorrow morning. Oh boy how I have missed him!! Jill has sent me over 100 photographs via "WhatsApp" while they have been away and also a few voice mails from Harry.
Phil and I went to a Warner's Historic Hotel for 5 nights in Nottingham, which was excellent and the weather was very good.
Phil is back at work tomorrow.
Last Friday we went to London for the day. We wanted to see the poppies at the Tower of London and also the Olympic Park, again the weather was beautiful.
The first set of photographs will be of our break in Nottingham.

 There was a wonderful Great Hall in the building and we were lucky to have one of the Historic rooms in this part.
The deer / stag above used to talk and move at least once a day, quite scary the first time but funny once you were aware!!

 This staircase led to our bedroom on the third floor. We didn't often walk up it, we used the lift, but felt quite important coming down it dressed for dinner!!!

 Early morning mist.

One day we visited Lincoln

Lincoln Cathedral
We also visited Sherwood Forest and saw the Major Oak tree and went to Rufford Park for an event called "Home Front" with lots of re-enactors.
 The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest
Robin Hood
Rufford Park, "Home Front"

Our day in London
 It was incredible to see all the poppies round the Tower and the way they have been displayed as though they are coming out of the windows.
To find out more about them or buy one go here:-
By November 11th 2014 when the last poppy is in place, there will be 888,246 ceramic poppies !!!
Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.
 Each poppy represents a British military fatality during the war.
See the video!!:-
I look forward to receiving mine once they are all removed from the Tower and sent to the people who have bought them.

  It is a wonderful sight to see but still very sad to think of the lives lost.
 Across the Thames you can see The Shard. I went to the top in August 2013.

From the Tower of London we got on the Dockland Light Railway to Stratford and the Olympic Park.
Seen in on the TV and we had both wanted to visit.
 The Aquatic Centre
 The Arcelormittal Orbit Sculpture
 Helter Skelter
 Labyrinth Like fountain
The Stadium, which is not open to the public while they turn it into a football stadium, opening 2016!!

 Again the orbit sculpture, as I got nearer I thought I am going up there. Phil doesn't like heights.
It was a lift up and for me the lift down, but you can walk down if you have the stamina and good knees!!!

The Aquatic centre. We were able to have a look round for a £1.00 entrance.

It was a great day We would love to go back to the Olympic Park, maybe in the Spring with Harry and see lots of things we missed but we wanted to get to the station and on the way home before the rush hour.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Saturday we visited RHS Wisley and the Hopfields in Puttenham, enjoy the photographs

Barn on the Hopfields

Hops growing on and across the poles, ready for picking usually at the beginning of September

The view the other way from the Hopfields


The Canal at RHS Wisley, beautiful water lilies

Magnolia on the tree were the magnolia flower in different stages of its demise

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The Glasshouse

Beautiful apples growing in the fruit fields 

Giant pumpkin in the trial field

Strawberry and cream flower heads

RHS Wisley weather station